At ADOMAKO ARCHITECTS, we’ve been designing individual buildings for over two decades. Our aim is to create architecture that brings together functionality and design to construct aesthetically pleasing, robust and lasting environments. We are inspired by the unique circumstances of each project, for which our collaborative team works together to come up with individual, cost-efficient solutions. Headed by Kofi Adomako, the team at ADOMAKO ARCHITECTS have developed unique projects both at home and abroad to meet demands of space, budget and construction regulations. We carry out projects for private and public clients alike. These range from the design and construction of private homes to public buildings such as hotels, banks or community centres. No matter what type of construction is involved, we aim to create a harmonious balance between the exterior and interior designs of our buildings and the spatial environment to make buildings that people can enjoy being in.

Our team of eight architects, designers and building constructors ensure that clients and all parties involved in the complex task of building are kept informed at all relevant stages of the construction process. Through constant further trainings, our team keeps abreast with the latest developments in all relevant fields such as construction physics and ecological construction, thus ensuring that the latest technology can be incorporated into our buildings, in which cost-efficiency plays an equally important role as aesthetics and energy conservation.

Kofi Adomako founded ADOMAKO ARCHITECTS in Paderborn in 1998. The company has since expanded to include offices in Bielefeld.